Recruitment process solution – RPS

Recruitment process solution - RPS

We would specifically adapt our RPS model to your needs so that you do not suffer any financial disadvantages compared to a traditionally contracted employee.


We offer:

Temporal flexibility
The RPS contract can be terminated with CMI at any time and within one month.  

The need of recruiting capacity can be adjusted between 50-100% within a month.  

If needed, we can work for different locations at the same time.  

We support you in evaluating the candidates, including interviews by video and on site.  

Through our teamwork at CMI, we can always guarantee a personal presence (no absence due to vacation, illness or accident).  

Thanks to our "in-house" researchers, we can blindly address candidates, which is becoming increasingly important in the long term (usually this is the only way to achieve success).  

Candidate market
Through our office in Riga, we also have direct access to well-trained candidates from the Baltic states or Northern Europe.    

We are of the opinion that we can offer many advantages and could be operational for you within a week. We also see our role as complementary to capacity fluctuations of our customers, which can arise either from fluctuating demand and/or normal fluctuations.

Contact us in case of an interest and we will surely find the best solution for your business!